June 27, 2023

Top 4 Must-Try Activities for Kids this School Holiday

Embark on a thrilling school holiday activities with House & Robins Kitchen’s baking and cooking recipes, Kmart’s DIY Craft Set, Big W’s sports equipment, and don’t miss out on the exciting school holiday events at Casuarina Square’s Wild Ones.

Robins Kitchen:

Fun and Easy Baking Recipes to Make with Kids

Explore these delightful and kid-friendly recipes that are both simple and delicious. This comprehensive guide offers a 2-in-1 experience: follow Robin’s Kitchen baking recipes while discovering a wide selection of cooking appliances available at Robin’s Kitchen Casuarina Square. Find all your baking needs conveniently in one place!


Quick and Easy DIY Projects for Endless Creativity

Crafting Adventures Await! Ignite your child’s imagination and keep them entertained for hours with the affordable and engaging Kmart Kids Craft Set. Discover a world of creativity and fun with the exciting range of kids’ craft supplies at Kmart, where imagination knows no bounds!

Big W:

Get the Kids Active this School Holiday

Get the kids ready to play and stay active during this school holiday with the fantastic selection of affordable sporting equipment available at Big W. It’s time to leave the screens behind and embrace the great outdoors! This school holiday, get the kids active and have a blast playing sports.

Casuarina Square:

Wild Ones School Holiday

Prepare for an exciting adventure at Casuarina Square during these school holidays as you embark on a wild journey filled with thrilling activities for the entire family.

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