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Donut King

Our stores are designed to grab your attention with bold design elements and the use of our iconic bright vibrant pink. The branding is playful and energetic and expressed in everything we do. Donut King is passionate about two things; Donuts and having fun. Come and see why so many Australians love Donut King! At Donut King we decorate our donuts and make our hot dogs fresh daily ensuring quality, delicious food for our customers. As Australia’s largest specialty donut and coffee chain, Donut King operates more than 320 stores across Australia, employing over 4,600 staff and serving 30 million donuts to Australians every year. Donut King has recently expanded internationally with our first Donut King store opening its doors in Shanghai China on November 1 2008. We are still growing so more people can enjoy the Donut King experience.

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9:00 am- 5:30 pm
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