Are brows really that important? (and how do I get my best brows?)

Firstly, if you’re actually asking us that question, then let us confirm that yes – brows really are that important. Secondly, getting your best brows comes down to how you look after them. For example, are you a devoted customer of professional brow specialists (like us), or are you determined to shape your brows (and most likely overpluck) with your tweezers? No judgement here beauties, but please, for the sake of your brows, put down the tweezers and let’s have a little chat.

The first thing we need to clarify is why brows are so important...

Did you know that your brows frame your entire face? They can make you look younger, accentuate your eyes and change the shape of your face entirely.

We’re not kidding here beauties! They are important. Like super dooper important (do us a quick favour and google search Cara Delevingne. Now, think about the first feature you noticed about her stunning face… You see our point😉).

Having beautiful brows can be easy if you have a professional brow specialist taking care of you. If you’re in Darwin, local to Casuarina Square, we would be honoured to help you with your brows. You see, we know what to look for when determining the best brows for you. No two people’s brows will ever be the same (nor will two brows on the same person – remember, sisters not twins).

Your eye shape, overall face shape and skin tone for example, are all factors we consider when mapping your brows for shaping and mixing the right colour tint. It’s not as simple as picking a single colour off the shelf (or for some it is, but for the majority, a custom colour needs to be mixed).

Eyebrow Threading

Regular brow waxing and threading can both deliver great results, but our fave is definitely threading. Why, you ask? Well, quite simply, no other hair removal method allows for the precision that threading does. And if any of you are wondering about tweezering, we’re all for it when getting rid of random stray hairs from time to time, but shaping your brows with tweezers at home is something we encourage you to never do again (ever). We realise this may seem a bit dramatic, but the number of times we’ve had customers come in upset about their self-inflicted overplucked brows, wishing they could wind back the clock – we’ve lost count. Overplucking can leave you with poorly shaped brows and it’s then a matter of waiting until your hairs decide to kindly return. Let your fave beauty therapist at Browz and Beauty take the reigns on this one 😉

Enhancing the shape of your brows after threading or waxing is best done with a tint (and for some, a brow lamination! You can read more on brow lamination here). Tinting your brows makes them appear more full, defined and finished. It also helps achieve symmetry, which makes for a more beautiful framing of the face. Your options at Browz and Beauty includes regular tint, Henna and Hybrid. If you’re wondering which tint is best for you, that’s a-whole-nother discussion! Let us know if you’d like a post on this.

In the meantime, remember – 1) brows matter a lot, 2) professional brow specialists are always the best option (i.e. us) and 3) put the tweezers down.

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