Art, The Quarter
Impressions of Darwin | Alison Dowell
Impressions of Darwin celebrates cultural diversity and unity. It draws on Dowell’s previous, smaller scaled Tin Lids (2015) work in which a number of square shaped vintage tea canister lids were painted indigo and assembled in a loose grid. The tin lids reference Dowell’s ancestry in the Docklands of London. For Dowell, the lids are an expression of cultural origin (‘tin lids’ being Cockney slang for ‘kids’) as well as cultural and material exchange.
Art, The Quarter
Inheritance | Joel Mitchell
The prototype for Inheritance emerged from Joel Mitchell’s graduate exhibition at Charles Darwin University, 2014, in which he presented a range of wood sculptures based on local seedpod forms. Included among these was a sculpture based on waterlily seedpods complete with three seedpod forms on salvaged metal stems, rising from a salvaged metal lilypad base. The wood had also been salvaged from Darwin’s hinterland in accordance with the artist’s conservationist ethos and the ideas of regeneration and sustainability inherent in the work.
Art, The Quarter
Icon | Wayan Wirawan
Icon is a saltwater crocodile made from 80 separate pieces of fibreglass. Wirawan made Icon as part of his response to the 2015 Indonesian-Top End Artists’ Camp run by the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA), and culminating with the Cruise Control exhibition at NCCA (2016).
Art, The Quarter
Milngiyawuy (Milky Way Dreaming) | Jamie Wanambi
The work for The Quarter is based on Wanambi’s design for a lamp in the form a miniature Larrakitj (memorial pole) depicting the Milngiyawuy (Milky Way) story. This is the Manggalili clan version of the story through Jamie’s mother, Naminapu. Ancestral beings, the Guwak men surrendered themselves to the stars from the Milngiya River and can be seen as the voids within the Milky Way today. 
Art, The Quarter
Vertical Village Living | Bill Davies
Vertical Village Living belongs to Davies’ recent body of work though a much larger canvas, at over seven square metres. It is at a scale comparable with some of his signwriting work. Vertical Village Living mirrors the bold and bright signage found throughout Casuarina Square and also references the fact that Davies has previously produced signage at the shopping centre. 
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