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Christmas Food Gift Ideas
Blogged by: Casuarina Square 20 Nov 2017 View comments
Need Christmas food gift ideas? We've created a list of the top Christmas food gifts to bring along to any Christmas party.

DIY Gingerbread-House

Whether it’s decorating your house for a Christmas party, or given to someone as a gift, the DIY gingerbread-house is a fun DIY activity to enjoy with the kids! DIY gingerbread-house kits have everything you need to make a gingerbread-house, including easy step-by-step instructions. Grab your DIY kit from Casuarina Square Woolworths.

gingerbread house

Strawberry Dipped Chocolate

A simple, yet well loved Christmas treat. Dip some fresh strawberries into melted chocolate and pop into the fridge until the chocolate has hardened. Give your strawberries an extra Christmas feel by adding antlers, a nose and eyes. Be sure to grab fresh strawberries from your local grocer!


Reindeer Cupcakes

Another DIY project to enjoy with the kids, Reindeer cupcakes are an easy treat perfect for Santa's little helpers. Cook any cupcake of your choice (we love a chocolate cupcake) add 2 pretzels as ears, a blue M&M as a nose and a red M&M as a mouth.

reeinder cupcakes

Christmas Cherries

Abundant during the Christmas period, but a rarity during months outside of December, Australian cherries are a delicious and healthy treat enjoyed at any Christmas party. Perfect by themselves, or add a bottle of Moet to add a little sweet temptation. Ideal for the busy person, pick up a fresh box of Christmas cherries from your local grocer.


Christmas Sangria

One for the adults, the Christmas sangria is perfect for the work Christmas party. With 1.5 bottles of dry white wine, 1 cup white cranberry juice and a splash of ginger ale, add seasonal fruits like apples, cranberries and fresh rosemary to give that Christmas feel. This Christmas sangria is filled with holiday flavours!

christmas sangria

From a range of fresh foods and naughty treats, grab your Christmas food gifts at Casuarina Square.

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