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Why Protein Means Power!
Blogged by: Casuarina Square 25 May 2016 View comments
The word “protein” comes from an ancient Greek root meaning “of first importance.”  The body could not grow or function without it. When the protein supply is depleted, the body is forced to feed upon itself.  This causes both tissue and muscle to break down. Protein is essential to cellular repair but we cannot store protien.  To keep our body toned and skin firm, we must provide it with a fresh supply of high quality protein daily - that's three meals and two snacks a day.  This will help maintain your youthful glow and slow down the aging process and an added bonus is that protien will help suppress your appetite, keeping you from overeating!

So what are the best protiens?  The following foods are extremely high in protien and are delicious!

Fish (wild salmon is the best choice)
Free range poultry
Omega 3 organic eggs from free range chickens
Greek yogurt
Low fat cottage cheese

One more note:
ALWAYS EAT PROTEIN FIRST! Enjoy fruits at th eend of the meal to avoid any potential negative affects on your blood sugar.

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