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Top Kids Toys For 2017
Blogged by: Casuarina Square 06 Dec 2017 View comments

Neon Glow Twister Tracks, $19, Big W

How fun do these look?! They will really inspire creativity in the kids as they build their own racetrack with these flexible tracks that glow in the dark.

twister tracks

Fingerlings, $20 each, Kmart

Last year it was Hatchimals and this year these adorable little monkeys are set to be the hottest seller at Christmas. They sit on your finger and react to touch, motion and sound. Who wouldn’t want one?


PJ Masks Vehicle and Character Pack, $19 each, Big W

The PJ Masks have some serious appeal with the preschool set as they race in to save the day. These sets are on the top of my 4-year-olds Santa list and I’m sure they will be hot property as she heads back to preschool in the new year.

PJ Masks Vehicle and Character Pack

VTech Glow and Giggle Playmat, $49, Kmart

If you have a new baby a playmat is a must. Great for tummy time, this one really does grow with the baby as they gradually interact more with the different features.

VTech Glow and Giggle Playmat
Discover these top kids gift ideas and more at Kmart and Big W Casuarina Square.

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Sara Keli is a mum of two and the Editor of Kid Magazine, a digital magazine full of inspiration, empowerment and resources for mums. She has also recently launched Mama’s Playground, a membership group for mums who want more from mum life. She loves to cook, craft, read and shop but mostly you will find her in the backyard enjoying the sunshine with her kids.


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