6 Ways to Spoil Mum

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1. Take her on a picnic

All you need to purchase some ingrediants, make a few sandwiches  and pack the car. Find a sunny spot in a park - it doesn't need to be too far away! Snack on hummus, potato salad and your mum's favourite sandwiches! After the picnic pack away any leftovers, wash any dishes sealed in containers and shake out the picnic rug. You mum will enjoy the fun day out and impressed at your preparation and organiztion!

2. Clean the house

Wash the dishes, vaccum, polish the furniture and make sure you can see all the way to the bottom of the laundrey basket.  Your mum is a queen and deserves a day off of chores.  Believe us, she'll appreciate the effort far after the house gets messy again.

3. Treat her to a movie – popcorn, choc tops, the works!

We suggest the new Mother's Day movie released at Rouse Hill's Reading Cinema's on 28 April.

Check session times here.

4. Declare it a social media free day ALL DAY

Mum herself can spend all day with her nose in Facebook if she pleases, but the rest of the family should pledge to give her their undivided facetime (and we’re not talking video chat!)

Make a list of all the songs she sings along to in the car, all of the tunes that are on the repeat in the house and make her a Spotify playlist!  She'll appreciate the effort and it's something that she can enjoy far after the flowers have died and the chocolate has been eaten


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