Blogged by: Casuarina Square 02 Aug 2017 View comments
Amazon Delivery Arrives at Casuarina Square!
Blogged by: Casuarina Square 02 Aug 2017 View comments
Rather than waiting around for unreliable couriers in the lead up to the holidays, you can now have your Amazon parcels delivered directly to Casuarina Square and pick them up when it suits you.

Gone are the days when we could sit around all day waiting for a courier to safely drop off our package. With a lot of businesses cracking down on staff receiving personal deliveries at work, this can present a challenge.  Most of us have skipped days of work waiting by the front door for a parcel that never arrives and then are expected to find time to make it to the post office within post office business hours which coincidently are always when you’re at work.

This very frustration is what drove ParcelPoint founder, Phil Lee to set up the very first ParcelPoint location in Pyrmont in 2011. Jump to 2017 and ParcelPoint has over 1500 secure locations all open late after work hours, most 7 days a week.

ParcelPoint not only takes the pain out of receiving and returning parcels but now ParcelPoint has gone one step farther and has partnered with Amazon!  You can now order from Amazon and collect your package from the customer service desk, our ParcelPoint pickup point. And there’s more– it is often cheaper than other Amazon shipping methods.

So whether it to save money on new books for your little bookworm or to treat yourself with luxury beauty products – order it at Amazon and have it delivered directly to Casuarina Square!

Read more about our ParcelPoint service here!

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