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Why it’s time to make Europe your bae in 2017
Blogged by: Casuarina Square 12 Sep 2016 View comments
European summer can be a hard slog for the wannabes toughing out real life back home.

There’s no need to drown yourself in envy - now is the perfect time to make Europe YOUR bae and here's why!

Tours, tours...take your pick!

Sure, there are heaps of buses zig-zagging across Europe but if you want your pick of travel dates – to fit in exactly with your ideal travel plans, around your uni break with enough seats to fit all your friends – then now is the time to start researching.

Get your fest on early

The best festivals book out about as fast as it takes to get from swigging a negroni to sucking on a slice of orange. Think Ultra Europe, Tomorrowland, Glastonbury and all the others you’re dying to attend. Plus all the festival tours like Topdeck’s dedicated departures for Sziget, La Tomatina and Oktoberfest. Don’t catch a case of FOMO. Put your mind at ease. Lock that festival in baby!

Prep that summer bod 

Want to be beach-ready for all those Europe holiday Instagram pics? You know what they say – the only way to get in shape is to do so in a sustained manner over a longer period of time. No last minute crash diets -no shakes or cabbage soup. Start now and be fit for take-off.

Save cash on flights

Yes, you really can save cash on flights if you can get early. It’s a no brainer, really so when you see a killer price, don’t wait!

Get Europe summer 2017 on sale now! Snag MASSIVE discounts on 2017 Topdeck trips PLUS book and score return flights from $799*.

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