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The Darwin Guide to a Healthy Mind and Body
Blogged by: Aerin Langworthy 05 May 2017 View comments
There’s no doubt about it – a healthy life is a happy life. In today’s blog, we chat to Josh O'Shea, Personal Trainer at Edge Health Club, about his health philosophy and how you, too, can reap the benefits of lifelong wellness.

Are you ready to get some hard-won, free advice from a local fitness professional? Read on.  

Being involved in local sports and going to the gym were always a highlight for Josh growing up, so it’s no surprise he ended up in the industry. Now, Josh helps the Darwin community with their health and wellness goals through personal training. ‘It’s not just for members of Edge Health Club’, he says, ‘it’s for anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life and start seeing some results.’ But where do you start?
Josh says it’s all about attitude. ‘The way I see it, I’m not responsible for changing people’s bodies, their weight or the amount of muscle they have. I change people’s minds and attitudes when it comes to regular exercise and a balanced diet. With the right mindset, you can achieve noticeable results in as little as eight weeks – just by making a few small adjustments here and there.’

Take it outdoors

Whether you enjoy jogging, cycling, swimming or simply a relaxing walk, Darwin is rich with beautiful places to exercise. Did you know that an Australian Bicycle Council survey showed that more people cycle in the Northern Territory than in any other state? It isn’t surprising, given that the Greater Darwin Region has such a great network of off road tracks. Use this handy map to locate one near you.
The City of Darwin’s ‘Healthy Darwin’ program is also well worth a looksee, offering a range of low cost wellness activities for all ages (check out the program here). Who knows, you might find your new favourite sport and join a club, be it sailing, baseball, netball, footy, rugby, tennis, or swimming with Casuarina Storm.
As for fitness destinations, Nightcliff Foreshore is always a popular one, but Josh says that the beach at East Point is hard to beat. ‘There’s also some great jogging tracks all through the city and Palmerston – it’s important to find which one works for you and just go for it.’

Making conscious choices

Josh walks through The Quarter at Casuarina Square most days, to get to Edge. Filled with tempting eateries including Baskin Robbins and Max Brenner, The Quarter also features a range of healthier options like Nutrition Station Café and Sushi Bay. ‘It’s okay to enjoy the good things in life, but you have to take responsibility – try to do more good than bad,’ Josh says. ‘It’s doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It’s about finding the kind of good habits that work for you personally.’ Treating yourself needn’t make you feel guilty when you’ve got the moderation part under control.

Confidence through style

There’s nothing like a great gym wardrobe to get you motivated. In our latest fashion editorial, Darwin stylist Jo Moo has put together some stunning – and super comfy – activewear looks to help you gear up for the dry season. Check them out here! 
If you’d like to learn more about personal training with Josh, or discover the competitive prices at Edge Health Club, check out Josh O’Shea’s professional Facebook page here or visit

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