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Los Angeles - The City of Angels...

Welcome to LA, the city of angels, green juice and celebrities! Every time we go to LA, we discover a new borough, a new favourite eatery and an almost comical pull to relocate.

Here’s our current list of must see/eat/stays.

The Getty Center

This 13-year-long , 1 billion dollar project opened in 1997 resides on LA’s hilltop acropolis and is about a 45 minute drive out of the city (believe us, the drive is worth it!) The museum’s metal-clad pavilions and airy, lush gardens are a highlight and we haven’t even gotten to the view (or the art!) If you see nothing else in LA, see the Getty.

Santa Monica

Hire bikes, bring your togs and head to the Santa Monica Pier. Ride along the Venice boardwalk and soak up the culture.  Stroll down the pier with one of the free walking tours, listen to buskers in the distance that might just be the next big thing all whilst munching on the best hot dog you’ve ever tasted.

Joan’s On Third

Located on the very cool West Third Street resides Joan’s, a rustic café with a relaxed West Coast feel. The décor is minimal and the food delivers EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Try the pulled pork with coleslaw or macaroni and cheese with truffle oil.. As they say - "When in Rome"…

Palihouse Hotel

Because hotels in LA can be pretty too.

Listen to the quiet voice that’s pulling you to the bright lights, the organic brunches and the minimalist architecture, come to LA. Flights from $989 at Flight Centre for a limited time – book now!


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