Wellbeing Wordplay!

It's cool to be kind! Take some time this School Holidays to share the love.
Wellbeing and mindfulness is something that is more relevant than ever for our kids, in the current state of homeschooling and lockdown.
As parents, how can we keep our kids safe, happy, healthy and relaxed when so much is uncertain? Especially with spring school holidays being upon us, how can we help them stay busy, active and smiling?
Here are some ideas that will help keep spirits up for both you AND your children.


Encourage your kids to make a wish list for the school holidays. What would they like to do? What would they like to achieve? Is there anything they’d like to learn in the break? Then, go through the list as a family and create a master plan which includes something planned from every family member’s wishlist. You can use this handy free downloadable HERE to help.


Set up a craft station with paddlepop sticks, permanent markers, paints, stickers, diamantes (or any chosen decorations) and a hot glue gun. Get the kids to paint then write kind messages on each stick, before decorating them.

They can leave them for friends in letterboxes, for neighbours, hand them to family members or even post them to family members they are missing.

Some ideas for messages:
  • You are special
  • Believe in yourself
  • You are loved
  • Smile, someone cares about you
  • You are worthy
  • Follow your dreams
  • You are not alone
Be present, not perfect


You can create a mindfulness bingo card for your family. Write a list of activities to encourage family members to be calm and present and aim to have everyone complete their chart over the school break.

Some mindfulness ideas:
  • Do colouring in for 20 mins in silence
  • Find shapes in the clouds for 15 mins
  • The Superhero Pose - Stand in front of a mirror for 5 mins, with hands on hips, legs hip width apart, chest up, standing tall and proud. Tell yourself all the things you are good at and that you like about yourself.
  • Walk around your garden or local park and collect 10 things from nature. It could be a leaf, flower, pebble, bark or anything that makes you focus and search.
  • Spend 5 mins journaling. Every day write what made you happy, what moments you are grateful for. Or, draw pictures of them

Every morning, set aside 15 minutes to get moving together as a family. Play your favourite music and go through animal movements such as the ideas below. Or, make up  your own!
  • Starfish jumps
  • Froggy hops
  • Elephant stomps
  • Crab crawls
  • Snake slithers
  • Prancing pony trots
  • Alternatively do a short kids guided yoga lesson each morning online.

More importantly than anything is to spend what time you can, devices down and in the moment. We wish you and your families a happy, healthy and abundant holiday.
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