Holiday at Home

The Ultimate School Holiday Guide to Backyard Camping!

Fun! Adventure! Laughs! Food! Stories! Games! Love! We all need a serious dose of these this September school holidays.

If you’re looking for a school holiday adventure that is unique but also something you can do safely at home, get camping! You can set up outside under the stars or in the living room. Either way, the kids will love the change and we dare say, this will become a family favourite once you give it a go.

You don’t need to spend a fortune preparing for this epic camping trip. The beauty of camping at home is you can use what you already have. Read on for some ideas to make your family at-home camping adventure magical.


Tent - If you’re outdoors you probably want to break out the good camping gear. A waterproof tent with flooring. If indoors, any tents will do. You could even just position kids’ play tents over the top of their makeshift bed. Don’t have a tent? Get crafty and fashion a teepee out of some furniture and blankets!

Sleeping bags - Sleeping bags or blankets, use whatever you have! To make it more comfortable, roll out a yoga mat or inflatable mattress under each bag for added comfort.

Pest control - Pesky mosquitoes have a habit of making us miserable when bitten. There are some easy ways to protect yourself and the kids from these naughty nuisances. Have kid friendly bug spray on hand, stock up on natural repellant essential oils (eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender), invest in a good bug repellent diffuser, make sure you have adequate netting on your tent and dress appropriately.

Safety essentials - Ok so camping at home poses much less safety risks than being in the great outdoors, but if you want to set up a genuine experience, grab a few of the tools you’d use in a real camping setup. Flashlights, matches, first aid kit, multi-tools, compass, binoculars, walkie talkies etc.


Lighting - Fairy lights transform any space into a magical place. Consider glow sticks, glow bangles and flashlights to also help make the atmosphere more magical.

Firepit - Nothing makes camping more authentic than a good campfire. If you have a fire pit then fabulous! Otherwise you can set up some toilet paper rolls around a light for a makeshift ‘fire’.

Camping furniture - So it feels like the real deal, fold out the camping chairs, tables and even camp hammocks if you have them.


Singalong - Singalongs are the heart of camping fun! Introduce the kids to songs like ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’, ‘Down By The Bay’, ‘Waltzing Matilda’, ‘Give Me a Home Among The Gum Trees’, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’.

Stories - Depending on the age of your kids, ghost stories always make for a fun camping activity! Otherwise reminiscing on your own childhood camping adventures is fun for everyone.

Old school fun - Crack out the old school games like scavenger hunts, Simon Says, Eye Spy, Tag and more. For a fun camping scavenger hunt idea, download this FREE PRINTABLE here.

Projector - For an outdoor camping movie night, a projector on a hung sheet can make things even more exciting.

Wildlife spotting - Spend some time in the quiet, spotting local wildlife. Is that a bat? A possum? The neighbour's cat? You’ll be surprised by the wonderful creatures that venture out under the stars.

Stargazing - It’s quite magical to stop, be still in the moment and teach the kids some mindfulness by stargazing. See if they can spot the Milky Way, the Southern Cross, a shooting star.

Shadow puppets - Shadow puppets on the side of the tent with a flashlight will have the kids giggling and being creative!


Damper - For an easy Aussie campfire damper, rub 1 tbsp butter through 1 cup of self raising flour until crumbly. Mix a pinch of salt and a tsp sugar and half a cup of milk into the crumbly mix until a dough is formed. Roll into long snakes and wrap around a clean stick or long skewers. Hold over your campfire to cook!

Foiled food - If you have a firepit, camp food is easy and delicious! You can wrap your meat and veg in foil packets and cook directly on the fire.

Marshmallows - Nothing beats a toasted marshmallow on the campfire! Or explore with a s’more, by adding chocolate and crackers to your marshmallow.

Popcorn - Whether premade or popped in a special pot on the campfire, popcorn is the perfect camping accompaniment.
Hot chocolate - Bring out the old thermos and pour everyone a yummy hot chocolate. Pop a marshmallow on top and enjoy!

Your kids will remember the experience more than the location and they’ll love you for it. Happy at-home adventures!
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